Incognito is recognized worldwide as the best lingual bracket system.

Lingual bracket system “Incognito was developed and tested by Dr. Wiechmann in early 2000 in Germany. Through the application of high technologies of 3D computer modeling, and ultra-miniature casting metal alloys, bracket system “Incognito” became a new stage of development of orthodontics.

Here are just some of the benefits of braces “Incognito”:
Individual lingual braces, invisible to other people
3D models of your teeth are designed and manufactured by computer, which makes it possible to create flat braces completely adjacent to the teeth;
Much smaller than conventional braces and hardly felt in the mouth;
Do not cause speech impediments;
Comfortable setting;
Reduced treatment time (an average of 16–18 months).

“Incognito” are much more expensive than traditional lingual braces. Because of the following reasons:
“Incognito” are made with the help of modern computer technology, allowing to calculate the location of the brackets and the required load. Both braces and arcs are calculated individually for each patient.

Braces «Incognito» consist of durable gold-alloy, so they are more resistant than conventional metal braces, and are not oxidized. Material of brackets lowers the risk of allergies, helps to maintain good oral hygiene.

All laboratory procedures are automated: models of patients teeth are scanned, then the computer simulates compact braces. The difference in the size of teeth is compensated by the curvature of the arc, which also is manufactured by the robot.

Compared with conventional braces, Incognito braces are so thin and tiny that you will quickly stop paying attention to them and your speech won’t be influenced.

“Incognito” is recognized throughout the world as the best lingual bracket system.
The quality of “Incognito” bracket-system is really worth its price.
Medical Tour Ukraine recommends you to choose Dental Center “Rikota” in Lviv, Ukraine.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in price comparing to Europe and USA

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